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Resources and FAQs

What is CareerCare?

CareerCare is a centralized resource to help plan your career path at Wellstar and take advantage of the expanded education benefits available through our Guild partnership. Whether expanding your skills, earning a degree or starting a new career journey, CareerCare has something for everyone.

What are the program benefits?

  • Fully funded tuition for priority, in-demand healthcare roles, including prerequisites for these programs.
  • Additional support for required books, program fees, technology and more.
  • Fully funded tuition for foundational learning, including high school completion, college preparatory programs, nursing start, digital literacy and English language.
  • Dedicated support from the CareerCare team.
  • Job placement assistance.
  • Essential skills including resume review and interview prep.
  • Tuition reimbursement benefit available for degreed programs outside of our fully funded tuition programs.

What pathways are initially included in Fully Funded Tuition?

  • Phlebotomy Tech, Medical Laboratory Tech and Medical Lab Scientist
  • Respiratory Therapist
  • Front Office Specialist
  • Radiology Technologist, MRI Technologist and CT Technologist
  • Surgical Technologist and Sterile Processing Technician
  • Nursing: LPN, RN (ADN/BSN), RN to BSN
  • Certified Nursing Assistant and Certified Medical Assistant

How were these Fully Funded Tuition Pathways identified? Will they change?

These pathways represent our Phase 1 and were identified as high priority based on being hard to fill, high turnover, and critical to our operations and ensuring we deliver on our promise of PeopleCare. We will continue to evaluate options offered based on participation, feedback and the evolving needs of the workforce.

Who is eligible for these CareerCare Programs?

  • Fully funded tuition programs are available day one of employment for prn, part-time, and full-time team members.
  • Team members are required to have a performance rating of 3 or above on the most recent performance evaluation.
  • Team Members must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better for undergraduate degree programs or a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better for graduate degree programs.
  • Team Members from Wellstar MCG Health are not eligible at this time

When do these benefits start?

Our partnership with Guild officially launches on May 22nd, which is when we will begin taking applications for our Fully Funded Tuition Programs. Our tuition reimbursement benefit with Guild will launch on this date as well.

How do I apply? What are the Next Steps?

The first step is to connect with a CareerCare Navigator who can guide you through the application process based on the program that works for you. For a quick reference guide click here.

How long are the programs?

The length of study varies by program, ranging from 6 weeks for a certificate to 4+ years for a bachelors degree. A Career Navigator can provide an estimate of program length during your initial conversation.

Are these all accredited nursing programs?

The schools chosen for Wellstar fully funded tuition programs meet Wellstar qualifications for employment.

Can you be enrolled in more than one pathway/program at the same time?

No. Qualifying team members can only be in one pathway at a time. The only course that can be taken along with another program is English Language.

Are pre-requisite requirements covered as part of the funding paid by Wellstar?

Yes, pre-requisite requirements for the funded pathways are paid by Wellstar.

What schools are part of the fully-funded tuition programs?

We offer a variety of schools, including local academic partners. To learn more about the schools available by program, click on the pathway of interest and then the specific certification or degree.

Will my credits transfer over from another school or program?

Please contact the program coordinator at your school of interest to find out specifically which of your credits will transfer to the new program.

Are the courses online or in person?

Programs are offered in a mix of modalities. Your Career Navigator will have additional information about the program modalities.

Does Wellstar pay for application fees?

Through our fully-funded tuition programs, tuition, books, application and other required program fees are covered.

Does CareerCare cover advanced degrees?

CareerCare provides a variety of funding options to support you on your journey. Advanced degrees are not covered under our fully-funded tuition programs at this point. However, tuition reimbursement is available for advanced degrees.

Am I able to work my current job while taking courses?

CareerCare was designed with working adults in mind. Yet, everyone’s needs are different. You are not alone. Speak with your leader, your school’s academic advisor, or someone on the CareerCare team to help you.

Please note, fully funded tuition programs are availble to FT, PT and PRN roles, which may be an options for you depending on your role. While schedule accommodations are not a guarantee, leaders will do their best to support you in our journey. There is no systemwide commitment to accommodate school schedules and doing so may be more feasible in some departments than others.

After you complete a program, will Wellstar guarantee job placement?

Wellstar will support with job placement following completion of one of our fully-funded tuition programs. Speak with a Career Navigator to learn more.

If you do not pass the class, are you responsible to pay the tuition back?

For our fully-funded tuition programs, you will not need to repay the tuition if you do not pass the class. However, you must maintain a cumulative GPA of (cGPA) of 2.0 or higher for undergraduate degree programs and a cGPA of 3.0 or higher for master’s programs to remain eligible for the benefit.

How long do you have to stay at Wellstar after your program is completed?

The work commitment depends on the length of the program. Please connect with a Career Navigator to learn more.

What if Payment is due for my program before I receive my Sponsorship Letter?

f you have applied to a local school that is a direct pay partner and you are being asked to meet a payment due date to maintain your status in the program, please share with the school that you are participating in a Wellstar Guild Program and that you will be providing a sponsorship letter approximately 30 days prior to program start. If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a CareerCare Inquiry ticket via ServiceNow.

General Resources

Pathway Guides

Front Office Specialist

Roles: Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Medical Assistant, Front Office Specialist

Download Pathway Guide


Roles: Lab Support Services Specialist, Medical Lab Technician, Medical Lab Scientist

Download Pathway Guide


Roles: Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Certified Medical Assistant (CMA), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Registered Nurse

Download Pathway Guide


Roles: Phlebotomy Technician, Radiology Technologist, MRI or CT Technologist

Download Pathway Guide

Respiratory Therapy

Roles: Respiratory Care Intern, Respiratory Therapist I & II, Respiratory Therapist III

Download Pathway Guide

Surgical Technologist

Roles: Sterile Processing Tech, Surgical Tech I Certified, Surgical Tech VI Certified

Download Pathway Guide